White widow Strain


Our White Widow Feminized will grow to about 1m tall indoors, reaching 2m outside. It needs lots of suns but can be grown in colder climates such as France, the UK and of course the Netherlands. Grown inside, it can yield 5565g per plant or 450-500 g per square meter under a 600W light. Outdoors it can harvest over 550-600 g per plant and is suitable for the northern European climate, though it will produce better results in warmer environments.


White widow Strain

The original White Widow was created with a pure Sativa land race. From Brazil being pollinated by an Indica hybrid from southern India. This Indica hybrid, according to legend, was the result of years of selecting. Thus, breeding in the mountains of Kerala to produce high resin content marijuana plants.

Since the original release back in the 90s, White Widow seeds have been spread all over. Therefore, has led to a variety of plants. Now every seed company will offer this legendary strain and Royal Queen Seeds is no different. Thus, providing this absolute classic in a feminized seed.
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White widow Strain

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