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Long live the King! Powerful and mighty is the high from King Kush. Insomnia and stress are banished from his court, his trusty users finding solace in the euphoria and relaxation that he brings. After all, he’s the king for a reason!


King Kush Strain Information

He is power, and he is grace. King Kush lives true to his name! Bred of royal bud, this strain is the best and the ever-precious Grape Ape. This master of relaxation has won countless international awards, including the cannabis Cup!

Seasoned connoisseurs know this strain as a hard-hitting creeper. It’s intended for evening use while you’re lounging in your very own kingdom. The high from the mighty King Kush will take its time, making you wonder if you need more to “really feel it.” Still, in true Kush fashion, when it hits, it hits hard.

After all, a king is never late. Everyone else is simply early!

As is common with the Kush family, King Kush packs 20% THC on average. Such high levels can be a stark eye-opener if you’re new to weed or have a low THC tolerance. If you can handle it, King Kush will slow the world around you down and will give you a well-earned break from any racing thoughts.

Glimmering with trichomes and tangy in flavor, it is a strain to behold! His majesty’s nugs smell of both sweet grapes and lavender. Hints of the earthy undertones also come through, as are common in Kush strains. Finally, the flavor profile doesn’t give hint to what is to come and could definitely have you hitting the J one too many times!

Buy King Kush | Grade AAA Weed

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