Green crack


  • Mass producer. Insane yields of pearly-white buds, completely covered in trichomes.
  • Lip-smacking terps. A tasteful experience of spicy fruits and tropical mangos.
  • Stay active! Invigorating effects for those who want to stay alert throughout a busy day.
  • Conveniently compact. A homogeneous plant that grows around 90cm, easy to grow and easy to maintain.
  • Ideal for extractors. Potent high-quality resin for those looking to take their extractions to the next level.
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Due to its heavy sativa content, the effects of this strain are primarily mental. You can expect to feel a warm, cerebral rush on the onset of the high, with a noticeable shift in the way you perceive sensory input. Its THC content is in the average to top end, coming out to be around 24 percent. For this reasons, even experienced users can be met with a metaphorical punch in the face: there’s a reason why Snoop named it Green Crack! Users often describe the high as being uplifting, with many being inspired to be more active or pursue creative tasks. Whether you decide to go out for a hike with your friends or just take a relaxing day off at home, Green Crack is sure to enhance any experience. If you need an added boost of energy or motivation, this strain may be the way to go!

Green crack

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