Laughing Gym Mushroom


Edibility and Taste… Bitter.  This mushroom is best made into tea or extracts.

Grows On… Hardwood logs or rounds that have been buried outdoors.  Prefers oak. Indoors it fruits well on supplemented oak sawdust, once colonized it has a long incubation period then needs a few days in the freezer to shock it.  Once shocked remove it from freezer and put a few small slits in bag, then tent

Fruiting Temps… Fruits when cold, but needs cold shock.  Fruits and matures from 32-50F.


Laughing Gym Mushroom

Buy Laughing Gym Mushroom Gymnopilus junonius is a species of mushroom in the family Cortinariaceae. Commonly known as the Spectacular Rustgill, this large orange mushroom is typically found growing on tree stumps, logs, or tree bases. Some subspecies of this mushroom contain the neurotoxic oligoisoprenoid gymnopilin. Lately Iv been finding Laughing Gyms (Gymnopilus Junonius) around my property out in the woods/country. At first I wasn’t 100% sure, so I held off but collected them just in case. Since then, I have found several other clusters of the same species. Laughing Gym Mushroom for sale online.

Laughing Gym Mushroom

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