Tesla 240MG XTC (Pure MDMA)


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Pill name: Tesla
Pill logo : Tesla
Color : Orange
Contains : 240 mg netto MDMA Lab tested.
Total weight : 240 mg

Pure MDMA. Guaranteed clean roll! Breaking line included for easy breaking of the pill:) XTC Pills made by well known Dutch labs, bought straight from the lab with no middleman. These pills consist only of MDMA, no other fake ingredient. This is the real deal, Very long lasting euphoric pill made from real Dutch MDMA. Guaranteed easy comedown. A real must try! Use this pill in half at a time, drink enough water when you use drugs.

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Because the effects of ecstasy only last approximately three to six hours, individuals may take a second dose before the influence of the first has a chance to fade. This further compounds the dangers of this drug, some of which can cause serious, and even life-threatening side effects.

NIDA continues to tell us that higher doses of ecstasy can raise your body’s temperature in a capacity that may, in some instances, cause organ failure, specifically that of the kidneys, liver, or heart, which may prove fatal. Additionally, ecstasy’s propensity for creating a sense of confidence and closeness with others may lead to unsafe sexual practices, which can increase the odds of hepatitis or HIV/AIDS transmission, and unintended pregnancy. According to Mayo Clinic, ecstasy can also cause extreme, and sometimes fatal cases of hyponatremia, a condition that occurs when your body’s sodium levels drop too low. Lastly, it is important to note that anytime you combine a drug with another drug, as is a common practice with ecstasy, the risks increase even more.

Tesla 240MG XTC (Pure MDMA)

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